Hospitex - Hospital Management System

This is knowledge based system that keeps all records of patients, monitor their treatment, does consultation, keeps diagnosis and laboratory records, manages appointments, manage issue of medicine and monitor payment both by cash and by insurance companies allowing generation of receipts after any transaction.

- The system generates financial records after a certain period of time as specified by user

- The system is also in process of integration with Smart System to enhance credit payments through Insurance Companies

- It’s Centralized hence can be used by multiple networked computers.

-The system can also be integrated with our SMS system for sending bulk SMSs, Patients enquiry, staff management among others.

Software modules:

Module Name


Records Management(Reception)

-Registration of patients

-Generation of Patients cards

- Management of Family and Insurance Records

- Smart Search

- Consultation fee management


-Manages consultation records

-Knowledge based search of disease based on symptoms


-Manage issue of medicine and monitor payment both by cash and by insurance companies

-Registration of drugs and maintaining drug records


-Manages Lab records and images. Linked to accounts and Pharmacy Module and any other module user chooses


-linked to all other module that involve monetary transactions.

-Linked to Smart system to accept payment by Insurance companies

-Generates financial records of patient

-Generates financial statements of the Hospital


-Manage all other modules, user rights among other things.

-Automatic backup to cloud servers

Staff and Suppliers Management

Cloud Services(SMS, Online Access, Online Backup and Synchronization Service.(Optional)

-For sending bulk SMSs to patients, staff, suppliers etc.

-Patients enquiries, staff management among others.

- Allows online access via Tablets, computers etc

-Allows online automatic backups among other services