i-Pos : POS System for Supermarkets, Wholesalers, Restaurants and Shops

Choosing a POS system is a difficult and daunting task. There are countless questions to answer, ranging from basic definitions of important terms to advanced analysis of security protocols.

Africa's Cloud Space i-POS System is the answers to these question with its salient features and ease of use to help you sell your products and manage your business seamlessly.

Some of i-POS Features include :

- Ease of Use > Its easy to set up and simple to use

- Robust Reporting > Generate detailed sales reports

- Data Accessibility > You can access your data any time and anywhere via our ACS cloud

- Data Security > Your data is always be safe and secure

- Quality Hardware > The hardware is functional, durable, and stylish

- Simple Pricing > Has simple pay-as-you-go pricing

- Customer care > There is 24/7 customer support

With i-POS, you can never go wrong in the management of your business so try it today.