Sacco Management System

Saccoworks software is a state-of-the-art web-based system solution for cost effective sacco management. Highly qualified financial services consultants, teamed with the best IT minds have developed the system to meet the unique needs and requirements that exist in all SACCO and Microfinance institutions regardless of size or location. A modular system allows all administrative functions to be completed within one centralized database, which means no re- keying of data is necessary.

Integrated information also means avoiding communication gaps between other applications and SACCO and Microfinance applications. Simple installations, ready-made screens, drop down menus, scores of reports and context sensitive help with on-line documentation get you up and running quickly and easily.

New platforms include interactive short message service (SMS), emails, and cloud connectivity among others.

The application is developed in partnership with ICEBET Ventures Ltd

The systems comprises of the following modules and their functionalities

Module Description

Member Registration Module

This module is used to register new members or import members` details from a previously existing system.

Some of the details captured are the member number, names, National ID, addresses, contacts, next of kin, Member Photo and signature etc…

Savings Module

This module is used to capture all contributions made by the members: Share deposits and loan repayment services.

Helps in calculation of dividends to be paid to members, depending on their savings. The module also consist of Front Office Services Activities (FOSA) for deposits and withdrawals

Loan management Modules

Deals with loans issued to members. Loan types include the development loan which depends on member savings, school fees loans and Okoa Jahazi loans that have fixed values and have shorter repayment periods and any other type of loan that the Sacco may prefer to issue to members.

Allows loan Top Ups and offsetting remaining balances.

Works with both Reducing balance loan calculation method and the straight – through method.

It keeps records of member loan repayment accounts.

Other functions include loan defaulters list, loan guarantors, member loan statements, income from loans, total loans issued to members, Loan Aging analysis etc…

Finance Module

Manages cash flow within the Sacco: both income and expenditure (income from Sacco investments, income from dividends, income from loan interests, expenses from Sacco committee allowances, purchase of office equipments etc…)

Plan the events budget which is able to compare budgeted amount and the actual amount.

Generates financial reports: Balance sheet, trial balance, income statement and Bank reconciliation

Administration Module

Used to assign access rights to system users, backup system data, reset the database, sets company information.

Helps to creates new system users, issuance of passwords, activate or deactivate existing users.

Keeps track of audit trail (tracking user operations in the system).

Bulk SMS module

Used to send SMS messages, alerts and notifications to members of the Sacco e.g. Total savings, loan balances, cumulative shares, annual general meeting notifications etc…

Primary benefits

Generate Reports: -System generates detailed reports that provide a clear picture of what’s going on within the Sacco and help management to make the appropriate decisions and adjustments

Time Savings: - Sacco Management System will search and retrieve a required data instantly.

Security: - System makes data and information secure by providing User IDs and passwords in order to prevent unauthorized access.

Backup and restoring: - Database backup makes helps to protect database data from theft, physical damage and computer viruses and malware and the records will be more secure than in file based system. Sacco Management can restore the system database if there is a need.

User Friendly Dashboard: - The Proposed System provides a user friendly background as well as user friendly functions. After login to the system user can get a quick view of members, their contributions and loans issued to members among other views at the touch of a button

SMS and Email messages: -For notification purposes.

Easily scalable.