Online school management system that automates all departments & accessible from everywhere, anytime using any device.

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          An advanced membership management system that help manage members data, communication, subscriptions, invoices and much more.

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        • IKOMALI POS

          Multi-channel Cloud POS that helps you manage your business & sell to individuals or groups through our global E-commerce platform

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          An advanced water billing system that help manage recording of meter reading, generate invoices, send receipts, bulk-sms, bulk-email, auto-payments.

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        • EDUCATION

          Our Cloud School System helps in management of schools right from admission, administration, accounts, stores, library, academics, digital learning and much more.

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        • BUSINESS

          With Ikomali, You can automate operations of your business right from clients, products, invoices, sales, reports, POS etc. Generate Reports and analyse data

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        • HEALTH

          With IDOC system, you are able to manage operations of your clinic or hospital from reception, consultation, pharmacy, accounts, laboratory and much more. System is ideal for clinics & small hospitals

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          Helping organizations serve their members through our membership and project management systems. Ideal for associations, societies, NGOS

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          Cloud hosting, makes applications & websites accessible using cloud..

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          Digital marketing techniques  use an electronic device…

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          Also referred, to as technology consulting, relates to services..

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        • MOBILE APPS

          Using solid expertise in mobile apps development, our team will help you..

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          We design & develop high quality, cost-effective & reliable custom software’s

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          The web is vast. As of today, there are billions of websites online, all..

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