Members Manager

Admin & Members Portal

Membership Management System

The Membership System is a cloud-based system that automates existing processes and helps in improving the management of members’ relationships, membership application, approvals, subscriptions, invoicing, payments, event management and communication to members.

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  • Members Admin
  • Members Portal
  • Integration Services

This is accessed by management only where they are able to:

  • Approve/ Decline members’ registration.
  • Create membership packages with charges where applicable.
  • Edit and Delete members.
  • Create Membership categories 
  • Automatically Generate invoices on renewal of subscriptions
  • Manage members’ subscriptions.
  • Automatically post payments via M-pesa gateway
  • Manage Invoices and Receipts
  • Post activities, events and news to members.
  • Manage and track event attendance.
  • View and print members records.
  • View Payment records.
  • Add or Remove a payment method.
  • Ability to handle membership issues whether presented by phone, email, text or in-person and keep track to its resolution and provide a feedback mechanism immediately thereafter.
  • Manage communication within the platform through emails, SMS and push notifications.
  • Handle complaints from members.
  • Manage system users, their roles and access rights.
  • Manage System Security like sign in methods of one-time password.

This is the area accessed by the members where they can:

  • Apply for membership online.
  • Sign in to the portal.
  • Access their own profile and update where necessary.
  • View subscribed membership packages and other existing packages.
  • Get direct access to their membership accounts.
  • Settle any membership subscriptions using available payment options.
  • Have a system generated membership certificate/ID
  • Communicate to administration.
  • View activities and confirm participation.
  • View News and Events.
  • Get email notifications.
  • Share vital information with other members.
  • View payment status.
  • Book events.
  • Bookmark events & set reminders among other features.

This involves integration with:

  • Cloud-based Accounting System with an open API. 
  • Integration with Bulk SMS with Unique Sender ID
  • Integration with M-Pesa gateway which automatically posts payment to member’s account when they pay for their subscriptions or for application or events.

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